Tasty morsels of anthropological goodness

Anthrolicious explores the sweet+sticky+spicy+smelly+savory ways in which we make sense of the worlds we move in and out of. Part travel writing, part narrative journalism, part Instagramming, and part ethnography, these written and audio stories are all rooted in my view of the world from the vantage point of an anthropologist.

But this ain’t your ivory tower brand of anthropology. No obtuse theory and academic talk here. Just a delicious concoction of observations and musings that attempt to make the strange familiar, and the familiar strange (as anthropologists love to say). There’s food. And friends. And misadventures. And a dash of magical realism. And lots of wine along the way.

More about me? I split my time between San Francisco, the city that raised me, the Big Island of Hawaii, where talk story is an endurance sport, and Frankfurt, where I long to find a kindred soul to accompany me on the Ebbelwoi Express.

Can’t get enough of my good looks and brilliant ideas? Go here. And here. And here. Oh, and here.

See you out there in the world, my friends.

LiAnne Yu